50 Youtube Fitness Channels You Should Subscribe To

It’s been a very long while since I compiled a list of Youtube fitness channels. Since then many more fitness gurus joined Youtube and I’ve been receiving a steady flow of suggestions from my readers of who I should include in my list.

youtube fitness channels

As you look and explore all the channels below you will find mixture of fitness related content. Some Youtube fitness channels contain only workouts, some have recipes and some fitness gurus will even share motivational content. I’ve included fitness channels for women, fitness channels for men and many that will appeal to both sexes. If you have a favorite Youtube fitness channel or a fitness guru you follow that’s not on this list please do share in the comments below.

Youtube Fitness Channels

  1. Amanda Russell
    A former competitive athlete, Amanda posts a lot of quick workouts that can be done anywhere.  She’s got workouts targeting various muscle group, HIIT workouts, and even Tabata.
  2. Ashley Wilkinson
    Bikini Figure competitor, Ashley vlogs (is that a right word?) about her journey, training tips and stage posing advice. If you’re a dude, or not competing in Bikini contests you should still check out her channel for some meal prep ideas.
  3. Beth Andrews
    Beth’s channel is a rarity and has a lot of potential.  Reminds me of many other ways other Youtube fitness experts started out, raw and uncut. Beth holds an RKC certification and posts videos consisting of kettlebell workouts with real kettlebells, not those soft tiny little ones made for a nursery room.
  4. Big J
    Go big or go home! That’s what I see everytime I watch any of Big J’s videos. Big muscles, intense workouts and heavy lifts.
  5. Brandon Campbell
    One of very active Youtube fitness channels I subscribe to. There’s alot of self-analysis of workouts and tips for viewers, product reviews and lifestyle banter. What I really like about his channel are the guest Youtubers he brings on. It’s a good way to discover other fitness gurus, enthusiasts and amateur athletes with Youtube channels.
  6. Brandon Carter
    Workouts, nutrition, life coaching and motivation… lots of motivation. You’ll get it all.
  7. Brendan Meyers
    Brandon Meyers’ workouts involve a lot of exercises using only bodyweight and callisthenics. With his background in Exercise Physiology he often breaks down the exercises and workouts into various parts to help describe specific movements and how to do it correctly.
  8. Bret Conreras
    Also known as the Glutes Guy. Bret will show you how to develop strong sexy legs, and a nice butt.  He’s not flashy nor does he make any bold or unapproven claims.  His articles and videos are well researched and he takes his time to explain why something works and why it’s effective.
  9. Casey Ho
    Well polished Youtube fitness channel and high production value. She has come a long way from her humble beginnings. Most of her workouts don’t require any equipment, and you’ll get to do a lot of pilates.
  10. Chelsea Karabin
    A complete departure from the channel right above, Chelsea does heavy lifts. She shares her training methods along a journey to becoming a competitive powerlifter. There’s a lot of self-review of form and technique.
  11. Christian Guzman
    Pure fitness lifestyle channel. Majority of the content is what Christian does before and after workouts. When he throws in workouts into his videos  Christian reviews and describes the footage, with interesting stories woven in. A lot of the focus is on aesthetics.
  12. CT Fletcher
    Legendary CT Fletcher will get you fired up. Motivate you. And destroy all preconceived notions you have about training. Doesn’t matter what level you’re at, after watching his workouts you’ll realize that your workouts aren’t intense enough.
  13. Dana Linn Bailey
    Crowned as Ms. Oluympia 2013, DLB will show you what it takes to overcome obstacles in your life to achieve your goals. Follow her channel as she preps for upcoming figure and physique competitions.
  14. Doug Fioranelli
    Although not as popular as many other fitness channels I mentioned here, but it’s still worth subscribing.  No flashy lifestyle videos or over promotion. Just pure demonstration of exercises and fitness tips. I especially enjoy his demos of corrective exercises.
  15. Elliott Hulse
    Elliott been around on Youtube for ages and has grown a very popular fitness channel.  He’s got a lot of really good training videos. They’re aimed typically at those looking to build brute strength and put on size.   Send him a question and you’ll get a real answer.
  16. Frank Medrano
    Although he doesn’t post many videos but from the ones on the there it clearly shows how far you can push the human body. Great for inspiration and overcoming your own limits.
  17. Funk Roberts
    If you’re into fighting sports or want to build a fighter’s physique or athleticism, Funk Roberts got tonns of workouts to get you ring-ready.
  18. Germain Sisters
    If the above channels are too intense, too beastly and you need something more light weight? Check out Germain Sisters aka Super Sisters. Great workouts for beginners or if you’re training at home with minimal equipment.
  19. Jason Blaha
    Soft-spoken but opinionated Jason Blaha covers everything from exercise science to sports nutrition to issues related to bodybuilding. One thing you can definitely can count on is that he doesn’t shy away from controversy.
  20. Jeff Cavlier
    Definitely one of my favourite fitness Youtubers. Jeff posts a lot of interesting exercises and routines that he also uses when he trains athletes.  His unique routines and movements are guaranteed to activate muscles you never though you had.
  21. Jen Sinkler
    Plenty of workouts involving everything from bodyweight to kettlebells. Jen introduces the workout by desribing it’s main purpose, exercises and reps you’ll be doing. Then she’ll walk you through a full set.  She also shares modifiers for difficult movements.
  22. Jessica Smith
    Jessica posts full workouts that you can follow along for the duration of the video. Her workouts can be done anywhere and require minimal equipment.
  23. Kali Muscle
    Don’t let the hulk size dumbells intimidate you. You’ll often see Kali moving endless stacks of weight plates in his videos. He’s a beast, he’s a monster… with a big heart. Kali’s channel is entertaining and educational. In addition to teaching about fitness, Kali also likes to share his life story to help others overcome their life challenges.
  24. Karina & Katrina
    This energetic duo post workouts for women.  Many of their routines involve movements most poople are familiar with and they are easy to get started.  They also post recipes, lifestyles tips and interviews with industry pros.
  25. Kristen
    With her dance background, Kristen’s workouts involve movements to help develop toned and lean bodies.  And for Yogis, there’s a lot of yoga here.
  26. Kyle Hunt
    Kyle is a fitness lifestyle Youtuber. He posts a lot of his workouts at the gym and at home. He also shares his recipes, and other things that help him inch closer to his fitness goals.
  27. Layne Norton
    Layne Norton is very accomplished in the bodybuilding scene as well as in academia. In his videos he covers various bodybuilding events, conducts interviews with fitness industry experts, shares his workouts and provides nutritional tips.
  28. Lee Hayward
    Lee’s workouts and exercises aren’t for the average user.  They are targeted at a serious bodybuilder.  He delivers great and honest advice on how to maximize muscle growth.
  29. Lorna Kleidman
    Lorna Kleidman is a 3 -Time World Champion of Kettlebell Sport. New content is rarely uploaded, but if you are considering in competing in Kettlebell sport it’s worth checking out Lorna’s training and competition sessions to see what it takes to become a champ.
  30. Marc Lobliner
    Changing the pace here, Marc posts videos almost everyday and on everything that has to do with bodybuilding.
  31. Mark Bell
    Mark’s videos are all about massive strength and power.  In most of his workout videos he focuses on big compound movements such deadlifts and squats and of course powerlifting moves – and how to improve so that you could squeeze every ounce of strength out of your muscles.
  32. Matt Does Fitness
    Matt’s goal is demonstrate how easy it is to workout and a lead an active lifestyle, no matter what your fitness goals are. He tries to balance training for strength as well as developing an athletic physique. And to build strength, make massive gains you need to eat like a beast. Check out the videos of what he eats.
  33. Matty Fusaro
    Matty is also a fitness lifestyle Youtuber. Great insight into his daily life when he’s at home, on the road or the gym.
  34. Maxx Chewning
    If you liked ‘Matt Does Fitness’ and Matty Fusaro’s channel, you’ll also be a fan of Maxx. He’s a fitness lifestyle Youtuber who takes you through his workouts, life and epic meals.
  35. Michael Kory
    For some reason most fitness Youtuber’s on my list have first names starting with ‘M’. Coincidence? Michael Kory’s channel is worth checking out. He’s got great recipes that pack in a lot of protein. And of course there’s a boat load of workouts.
  36. Mike Chang
    You may know him for his Six Pack Shortcut program, but his channel has workouts for all muscles groups, not just the abs.
  37. Mike Mahler
    Mike rarely uploads new videos, but he has old content on there that’s very useful and relevant, especially his double-kettlebell drills and videos on hormone optimization.
  38. Natalie Jill
    Natalie’s channel is filled with workouts geared towards busy women who need to squeeze in a quick workout with minimal equipment.
  39. Nick Wright
    Nick is a fitness lifestyle Youtuber, natural bodybuilder and now a powerlifter.  Like many fitness Youtubers, he shares his workouts and provides commentary.  He’s never short of breath and always got lots to say.
  40. Omar Isuf
    I’ve been subscribing to Omar’s channel since the beginning. Back then, we was much smaller. Strong, but small. He’s come a long way. Check out his videos and see how he achieved massive gains.
  41. Pat Flynn
    Kettlebell enthusiast? Check out Pat’s workout routines as well as technique tips to help you improve your KB game.
  42. Peter Carvell
    Peter’s videos focus mostly on core and cardio workouts.  He really takes the time to share little tidbits on what would make the exercises even more effective.
  43. Rob Riches
    Rob Riches is natural fitness model and competitor. His videos contain workouts targeting specific muscle groups and exercise tips to help you work towards attractive body aesthetics.
  44. Scooby Werkstatt
    Scooby was one of the most suggested workout channels on Youtube in my previous comment thread, and for a good reason. He is a living encyclopaedia of fitness.  Just check out his YouTube channel and you’ll get a grasp of knowledge this man has.  He’ll explain to the absolutele detail why he does something, what works and what doesn’t.  I really liked his philosophy and realistic approach to bodybuilding.
  45. Scott Herman
    Scott gets right to it in his videos. As he demos the workout he shares a lot of tips on making most of each rep, set and workout session.
  46. Steve Cook
    Recognizable from magazine covers, Steve is also a bodybuilding.com spokesmodel. On his channel he posts videos of his workouts, competition preps and whatever and where-ever else his work takes him.
  47. Tara Stilles
    Majority of channels listed in this article are exercise routines involve weights and high-intensity routines. If all that muscle bulking and cutting not your pace, check out Tara’s channel. It’s all about yoga and helping you achieving relaxation, balance and greater flexibility.
  48. Tiffany Rothe
    She’s got a lot of videos so you need to cut through the clutter and find the good stuff. Look for her 10 minute workouts if you’re short for time or muscle group specific routines.
  49. Tony Do
    Tony is another fitness lifestyle Youtuber. He shares a lot of his own workouts, training tips and nutritional advice.
  50. Zuzka Light
    Zuzka’s workouts are brutal. The best part is that you hardly ever need any gear to perform her routines.  She used to do workout videos on Bodyrock. Now on her own, she includes more diverse content such recipe ideas, and even make-up?  If you’re only interested in her routines, she posts full routines as well as very short ones that last 3-5 minutes.