Why You Can’t See Your Six-Pack

Ever spent countless hours doing crunches, but never get the results you want? Ever buy the latest and greatest abdominator, absphere, or some other abfreakentacular device, but still didn’t get the results?  I’m sure you can feel the six-pack underneath all that skin and fat, but why doesn’t it show.  It doesn’t show because:

  • you’re not eating right
  • you’re not getting enough rest
  • you spend too much time working just one part of your body
  • you’re not doing the right amount of cardio
  • you’re neglecting other body parts
  • your cardio exercise choice doesn’t utilize all available muscle groups
  • your intensity is too low
  • you do the same exercise routine over and over … and over again

All this sums up to one thing. You can’t drop your body fat.  The one single thing you can do to have your six-pack show, is to reduce the body fat.