Upper Body Workout for a Bigger Chest and Back

Want bigger chest and back? There’s a workout for that. This workout focuses all on major muscles groups of the upper body and can be used as a part of your two-day split program.

Workout Instructions

Start with a warm-up. Performs number of reps suggested in each set for each exercises. Go heavy on the weight. Take 120s breaks. Finish each exercise set before moving onto the next one, unless you’re in a superset.

Upper Body Workout


Low impact such as stationary bike or elliptical: 5 mins

Strength Straining

  • A1: Incline Bench Press 12-14x, 10-12x, 8-10x, 6-8x, 6-8x
  • A2: Let Me Ups 12x, 12x, 12x, 12x,

Rest 120s

  • B1: Weighted Pullups 10-12x, 10-12x, 6-8x, 6-8x
  • B2: Pushups 20x, 20x, 20x, 20x

Rest 120s

  • Decline Press 8-10x, 8-10x
  • Seated Back Row 8-10x, 8-10x
  • Pullovers 10-12x, 10-12x, 10-12x,
  • Standing Barbell Shoulder Press 15x, 15x, 15x


Stationary Bike (set it to interval training): 16 mins