Trial Run of a Mass Building Workout

Recently, I’ve been listening to the 4-Hour Workweek audiobook by Tim Ferriss.  As interesting as the book is and as impressive Ferriss’ accomplishments are I can’t help but feel skeptical about some of his extreme body transformations.  As a personal trainer I am quick to jump to a conclusion and say that it’s is impossible and unhealthy.  However, instead of bashing Ferriss and saying that it is impossible to gain 34lbs of muscle in four weeks, I am hoping to defeat my own skepticism by attempting to replicate similar results.  Actually, I would be happy if I could gain 20lbs of muscle in that time.

While I am still developing a program based on Tim Ferriss’ recomendations, I did a trial run of a full body work out today.

Total workout time, under 30 mins. Performed only 1 set per exercise.  Took 8-12 seconds to perform a rep. I was actually extremely surprised when I broke sweat on 3rd rep of pull ups. By the time I reached 4th and 5th reps on all exercises my muscles were trembling.  To make sure I hit all the major muscle groups I performed 7 compound exercises: pull ups, leg press, iso-lateral incline press, dealift, shoulder barbell press, dips and 90-degree decline crunches.

Full program breakdown and guide will be posted in the coming days as I still need to develop a sound nutrition plan.  In addition, prior to my trial run today I did the usual body measurements including ‘before’ pictures.  Those will be posted upon completion of the program.