Tone-Me-Up Workout

We’re right in the midst of the holiday season, and the big ones are just around the corner. Inevitably we’ll indulge in delicious treats and partake in epic meals. Nothing’s wrong with that, and personally, I’m looking forward to it. One thing I’m not looking forward to is creeping weight gain, in a form of body fat. But you can combat it with a Tone-Me-Up workout. You’ll burn calories, build strength and get toned muscles.

This is the beginner’s version, and throughout the holiday season I’ll be sharing more advanced routines.

Workout Instructions

Start with a brief warm up, followed by strength training session and complete it with an interval bike ride. You must complete one set of each exercise back to back before moving onto the next set. Take 1 minute break between each set.  For example, as indicated in Superset A do 16-20 pushups, then bent-over rows 14-16 times and finish it with 1 minute of jump rope. When you finish all three, do another set. When you complete each superset, you can move onto the next one.

Tone-Me-Up Full Body Workout


Light bike ride for 5 minutes

Strength Training

  • A1: Pushups 16-20x, 16-20x, 16-20x
  • A2: Bent-over Rows 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x
  • A3: Jump Rope 1min, 1min, 1min

Rest 1 min

  • B1: Leg Raises 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x
  • B2: Russian Twists (with weight) 26-30x, 26-30x, 26-30x
  • B3: Jump Rope 1min, 1min, 1min

Rest 1 min

  • C1: Barbell Lunges 16-20x, 16-20x, 16-20x
  • C2: Deadlift 16-20x, 16-20x, 16-20x

Rest 1 min

  • D1: Standing Shoulder Press 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x
  • D2: Barbell Curls 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x
  • D3: Skull Crushers 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x

Rest 1 min


Stationary Bike: 20 minutes on interval