Why You Should Skip Your Next Workout

It’s not what you think. This article is about skipping during your workout. Skipping using a jump rope.

I’ve been skipping during my strength training workouts for the past month or so.  Typically I used to take 60-90 second breaks between my sets, but since I eliminated steady cardio session I had to replace it with another form of cardio.

Skipping between sets adds more intensity to your workouts. It’s something that your body has to get used to, especially if you’re accustomed to taking breaks. But the body adapts quickly.

When you replace breaks with skipping, you can say good-bye to steady state cardio. Skipping between sets keeps your heart elevated, puts your body into the fat burning zone and improves your cardiovascular system.  In addition, it also provides a great shoulder and forearms workout.  Ideal for those who want toned and lean arms.

Typical Strength Training Set with Skipping

A1: Incline dumbbell Press
A2: Pullover
Skip 1 minute

Repeat that 3-4 times. I usually will not skip after the very last superset. That time is used as a break and setup for the next superset.

So, want to save time, keep your heart rate elevated, break some sweat, improve cardio and get nicely toned arms? Just skip your workouts.