Simple Routine with Advanced Moves for a Solid Foundation

We’ve seen it all before. In the gym, beach and magazines.

Nice shoulders, ripped arms and a shredded abs. It all screams, “I am Alpha!” But then you look further down, and you notice the foundation is missing. This dude looks like he’s about to topple over. You ask yourself “What happened to his legs?” The answer is simple, he skipped the leg day. That’s something you can’t do. Period. Forget about the aesthetics, every one needs a solid foundation to carry you through your day. Whether you’re a man, woman, a beginner or an athlete you got to put some work into your legs.

Here’s a simple routine with advanced exercises to help you build a solid foundation.

Workout Instructions

Start with a warm up. Get your leg muscles firing and heart rate up. Perform the warm up in a circuit format for 3 sets. Rest for 1 minute before doing the next set. The post warm up exercises is where it really counts. Take 90 second breaks between sets. Once again, learn the technique before diving deep into the routine. Practice, practice, practice.

How to do Overhead Barbell Squats

How to do Weighted Hip Thrusts

Solid Foundation Workout

Warm up

  • Skip Rope 1 minute
  • 2-Arm Kettlebell Swings 30x
  • Walking Lunges 20 x
  • Farmers Walk 30x
  • Split Jumps 20x

Strength Building Routine

  • Overhead Barbell Squats 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x, 10-12x, 10-12x
  • Weighted Hip Thrusts 10-12x, 10-12x, 10-12x, 10-12x, 10-12x
  • Calf Press on Leg Press Machine 20x, 20x, 20x, 20x

Have fun!