Simple Full Body Gym Routine

The very first time you join a gym you will meet with a trainer who’ll set up a beginner’s workout program. If you’re a complete beginner, never touched a dumbbell or set a foot into a gym she’ll start you off with a simple routine that will target your your major muscle groups as well as get you to do some cardio.

Because this is your first real workout, there will be no free-weights or complex exercises. All strength training exercises will be performed on machines that target specific muscles groups.  The goal here is to get you moving, build confidence and strength, and develop self-awareness.

Workout Instructions

Begin with a warm up on a stationary bike. Pedal at a comfortable pace for 6 minutes.

For strength training portion, perform specified rep ranges. Use enough resistance to complete the bottom end of rep range but have a hard time reaching the top. Perform each exercise for two sets before moving onto the next one. Take 1 minute breaks between sets.

Cardio is a low impact 20 minute session on the Elliptical. Set a comfortable pace and don’t over exert yourself.

Simple Full Body Gym Routine

Warm Up

  • Stationary Bike – 5 minutes

Strength Training

  • Chest Press 10-12x
  • Lateral Pulldown 10-12x
  • Shoulder Press 10-12x
  • Seated Row 10-12x
  • Leg Extensions 10-12x
  • Leg Curls 10-12x
  • Crunches 10-12x
  • Bicep Curl 10-12x
  • Tricep Press 10-12x


  • Elliptical – 20 minutes