The Santa Claus Workout

Santa doesn’t sport a beer-belly all year round. He’s actually in shape, and ’tis the cookies on Christmas Eve that slow him down.

But once all the presents are delivered to all good girls and boys, Santa’s hard work can take a toll. So he breaks for a while and then trains hard so he could sprint a mile.

That’s right kids, Santa needs to stay in shape to haul all those presents, he needs strength to reign in the deer, and he needs the stamina to go all night long. There’s no better way to train for the big night like a with a circuit set.

Workout Instructions

To build up Santa’s strength and stamina, you must train like Santa.

This is a circuit of 12 exercises. All compound movements. Do each exercise for 1 minute straight, trying to do as many proper and safe reps as possible. ¬†When you complete all 12 exercises break for 1 minute. Then do it again for another 2-3 sets. Be sure to set up each station so that you don’t waste time between exercises.

The Santa Claus Workout