Prime Your Muscles Before Starting a New Workout Program

Ever jump into a new workout program and then feel extreme muscle soreness for the next few days?  Most workout programs do not prime you (get you ready) for all the physical activity you’re about to endure.  With my clients I like introducing a priming workout for the first 3 or 4 weeks that stimulates muscles, gets cardio going and revs up fat burning systems.  The priming workout utilizes compound exercises, full range of motion, and supersets.  Yes there is some soreness, but not as extreme because the priming workout is meant to prepare your body for the actual training program.  During priming workout I do not push clients to fatigue, but enough so they feel their idle muscles reignited.  Another purpose of this workout is to educate and demonstrate proper exercise techniques and practice breathing.  The priming workout is ideal for anyone who hasn’t been active in ages.

Here’s a sample workout

Super Set 1 Clean and Press
Super Set 2 Bench Press
Lateral Pulldown
Super Set 3 Barbell Curls
Assisted Dips
Super Set 4 Big Shoulder Rotations with Weight Plate

Key points:

  • use enough resistance to complete 10-12 reps in each of 3 sets, with proper form
  • perform all exercises in a superset before taking a rest
  • perform the workout 3 x a week
  • warm up beforehand
  • stretch afterwards
  • and lastly, don’t forget to do cardio

Depending on how well your body adjusts, you might be able to dive into the training program that focuses on your specific needs (ie. weight-loss, muscle gain, sport training, etc.) only after 2 weeks of doing the priming workout.