Post Holidays Easing-in Workout

And we’re back.

Holidays, vacations and flus. Not sure about you, but it was tough getting workouts done in the past month. ┬áMostly because almost everyone I know and myself got sick with all kinds of seasonal colds, flus, nasal congestions, throat and ear infections. It wasn’t fun.

Being the first week back, it’s little tough getting into the swing of things, literally. You’ll see what I mean when you see the exercise list.

The workout is fairly simple, but it does include an advance move. So be sure to brush up on your technique.The goal of the workout is to get the body moving with resistance.

Workout Instructions

Five exercises. Complete them back to back. Take 1 minute break after each set. Do 3 sets.

If you haven’t worked out recently, you’ll be sore. So take at least a day break before you do this routine again.

The Workout

  • Jump Rope 2 mins
  • Alternating KB Swings 50x
  • Pushups 20x
  • Crunches with Medicine Ball 20x
  • KB Snatch 15x/side

Not a long workout, but definitely a nice way to easy into workout out again. And it will be the only one I do for the rest of the week.