Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle races are a huge deal. There’s one almost every weekend somewhere around the world, and new entrants and races popping up everywhere.

Andrei-Spartan-RaceI’ve competed in a 5km Warrior Dash, 16km Tough Mudder and the Spartan Beast consisting of 25 km of trail and over 20 very challenging obstacles. So, last year I managed to chronicle my weekly training regiment, and it will be the same one I use this year.

Although my training is primarily focused on competing in the Spartan Beast, this training program will help you get ready for other similar events of equal or lesser distances. Even if you’re not competing but need a program to get in shape for the summer this will definitely help you get there.

The Program

The program ‘From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days‘ focuses on building muscular strength, endurance, speed and agility. To successfully complete the course you need the strength to carry heavy objects, agility to jump over logs and walls, and stamina to last the full 25km. You will be doing strength training with free-weights, kettlebell work, running, cycling, sprinting, jumping, and various forms of HIIT.

The training will last about 14 weeks, or 100 days.

Before you get started check out the intro article: Intro to Obstacle Course Training

Weekly Training