Mass Building Program Week 3 Update

This update is a little late this week, but I do have to let you know that I need to halt the trial of the mass building program. For one reason and only ONE reason, I am stopping it because my performance is suffering on the football field. I play in a Touch Football League in Mississauga. Since sprinting and agility are big components of the game, my performance in that aspect has suffered. I am in a good shape, I just need to improve my explosive power more than anything. Therefore I am putting mass building program on hold.  Will give this a shot during the time of the year when there aren’t so many demands on my cardio system. Thinking November, December and January.

Here’s what I learned so far with my three week experiment of the mass building program:

  • Don’t do more than 8 exercises. At full intensity, the body begins to give up, and latter exercises and muscle groups suffer as a consequence.
  • Work different muscle groups on different days.
  • And lastly, you need to maintain a strict diet and eliminate any stress in your life.  I was actually on track to gain about 2-3 lbs of muscle a week. I lost 4 lbs in about 4 days due to stress, even though I ate really well and exercised.

With that being said, I am switching to one of my most favorite routines which allows me to build strength and explosiveness.  I’ll post my training routine at another date.

I don’t doubt the effectiveness of short, intense workouts.  However, I will remain a skeptic of the program as Tim Ferriss laid out, until I try it again.  Not only is it extremely unhealthy to put on that much mass that fast but it is impossible without the aid of questionable diet and supplementation, and maybe even performance enhancing drugs.