Mass Building Program Week 2 Update

It has been two weeks since I decided to try out Tim Ferriss‘ insane mass building program. As I experiment with the routine and workouts, I am also challenged with making sure that my daily life accomodates 4-hour body philosophy. I thought that it would be fairly easy since you only workout two times per week, I was wrong. Logistics are easy. I can make time and have access to the right gear, but its the nutriton and psychological barriers that are preventing me from focusing 110%.

You need to keep a good, clean and a consistent diet (I hate the word diet) in addition to being able to pack in enough of good calories to encourage muscle repair and growth. To be quite honest. My diet could have been way better. However, during the second week it was much improved over the first.

When not in the gym, a cloud of doubt casts in my mind whether this training program will be effective. I can’t help feel that something is missing.

On a lighter note, the workouts are intense. Which is good. Haven’t pushed this hard in a very long time.  But I think I can make it even more intense. First of all, they took about 35 minutes to complete. So there alone I can cut rest times, and secondly I can definitely increase more weight. So what are the results? They are minimal. More intensity and dedicated diet will help me achieve 5lbs a week in mass gains. Last week I only put on 3lbs.