Lower Body and Core Workout

This workout hits the lower body and the core. Add this training routine to your two-day split program.  Split days can take on various forms. The most basic one is splitting your training in two. One training session focuses on upper body, and the second one focuses on the lower body.

During this workout you’ll start with working major muscle groups using compound exercises, then move your way down targeting smaller muscle groups.

Workout Instructions

Start with a warm-up. Performs number of reps suggested in each set for each exercises. Take 60s breaks. Finish each exercise set before moving onto the next one.

Upper Body Workout


Low impact such as stationary bike or elliptical: 5 mins

Strength Straining

  • Leg Press 14-16x, 12-14x, 10-12x, 10-12x
  • Sit-ups 15x, 15x, 10-12x, 10-12x
  • Walking Lunges (with Dumbbells) 12x, 12x, 12x
  • Planks  30s, 30s, 30s, 30s
  • Lying Leg Raises 12x, 12x, 12x
  • Leg Extensions 10-12x, 10-12x, 10-12x
  • Leg Curls 10-12x, 10-12x, 10-12x