What Works: 100 Hundred Pushups Program

100 Hundred Pushups Program. This post is not a review of the program, but rather to tell you that it works. I used to work at an awesome little company here in Toronto called FreshBooks.  The very social and fun culture of the company allowed me to introduce the program to everyone. So, 3 times a week, a few of us would hit the floor at 3:45pm.  We kept it regular and followed the program religiously.  During my initial test I was able to squeeze out 60 push ups, and it only took me 4 weeks to do 100 push ups.  And those who only did about 25-30 push ups during the initial test were easily pushing between 80 to 100 reps by the end of the program.  And one participant, who could barely do 6, was doing nearly 80  push ups in 6 weeks.  That’s very impressive, good work buddy (you know who you are).

So, if you don’t have time to workout at the gym or home, invest a few minutes 3x/week into 100 push ups. It’s well worth it.