How to Make Your Cardio Sessions More Enjoyable

I noticed a recurring theme with some of my past and current clients: most people hate doing cardio. It’s not just me, but other trainers have mentioned the same thing.  Motivating clients to do cardio is probably one of the most challenging things, next to enforcing proper nutritional regiment. But there are a few things you can do to make your cardio session more enjoyable.

Add Variety to your Cardio Sessions

Doing a cardio session doesn’t mean you have to be bound to an elliptical machine or a treadmill.  Try other things like cycling, rowing, skipping or boxing.  Or even better, do some of those things outside.  Get on a real trail, bike or boat.  If you’re a runner and only want to run, don’t run the same route, change it up.  Never do the same activity back to back.  Start with a run on one day, bike on another, rowing on a third and so on.

Get an AudioBook on your mp3 Player

Music is great to have on during any type of workout. But recently, I discovered that audiobooks are even better for two reasons: a) time flies during the longer cardio sessions, especially if you’re really enjoying the subject matter or the story and b) you learn something new.

Do it with a Friend

The cardio session will seem shorter if you do it with a friend for many reasons. You can have a great conversation (if you’re not panting), challenge each other, and it’s just more fun.

Be Comfortable

If something is too tight or is riding up in the wrong direction it will make you hate cardio that much more.  So make sure you have proper and comfortable gear. This will also minimize your excuses not to do cardio.

*image courtesy of Vincent Huang