The Grimm Reaper – The Full Body Circuit

Why it’s called the Grimm Reaper? Because this is a killer workout, and if don;t get you the Grimm Reaper will. You have to be in a damn good shape to get it done and be able to move on with the rest of your day.

Workout Instructions

This is a circuit. Setup your stations in advance. Perform each exercise for 1 minute straight. Do not take any breaks until all exercise are complete. Take 2-3 minute break between each circuit set. Perform 3 circuits. There are no number of sets or reps listed because your goal is to squeeze in as many proper ans safe reps into 1 minute.

The Grimm Reaper

  • Skip Rope
  • Chin Ups
  • Goblet Squat
  • Medicine Ball Crunches
  • Dive Bombers
  • Skip Rope
  • Super Jackknifes
  • Train Pull
  • Medicine Ball Pushups
  • Skip Rope