From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days: Week 9 Day 57 – 63

Continuing the second half of the S2S100 program, be sure to catch up on what you missed by visiting the overview page and Week 8’s blog post. Posts will get shorter going forward as I’ll be diving straight into the training.

Before We Get Started

Make sure you familiarize yourself with Tabata.  I wrote an article about it here.

You will also need to get a timer. If I’m doing training outside or switch spots often, I’ll use my Gymboss Interval Timer. Very easy to use and it clips onto your belt.  Other times I’ll use an iPhone and iPad app called Seconds Pro. I’ve tried many others before, but this is probably the best one out there.  It’s worth paying for it too.  If you’re an Android user, I’m sure there are many comparable apps for you too.

Daily Workout  Schedule for Week 9 Day 57 – 63

  • 6 workout days
  • same muscle group will be trained at least 2x a week
  • Tabata/HIIT training follows strength training
  • run outside longer distances

Daily training snapshot:

  • Monday: Primary muscle groups: chest/triceps, secondary muscle groups: back and biceps. Tabata for conditioning.
  • Tuesday: Hill Sprints and Kettlebell Training.
  • Wednesday: Tabata focused on core only.
  • Thursday: Primary muscle groups: back and biceps, secondary muscle groups: chest. Tabata. Short run.
  • Friday: All Kettlebells.
  • Saturday: 6km run
  • Sunday: Rest

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How to Prepare for Week 9

As you can see there’s no weight training for legs this week.  But we’re going to do lots of sprinting and running this week. So we need to keep them healthy and rested.

Find a hill.

training hill

If you can’t find a hill, find a local school’s running track. Most school’s have them. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen a school without an athletic field or a race track track of some sort. So, if such is the case just run hard for the 100m stretch, you don’t have to sprint. Then jog back and do the KB Snatches. But I prefer you find a hill nearby.

My workout consisted of running up the hill then down. Once I got to the bottom of the hill I’d do 5 KB snatches/per side with 16kg Kettlebell. Then run up and down the hill again.

My hill was about 100-120 meters in length and it took me 17 minutes to complete the routine. Next time I’ll be aiming to get this done under 16.5 mins.  That’s 10 total runs and 100 total KB Snatches.

For this week, you’ll also need to use a Kettlebell, but if you can’t find one you could get away with a dumbbell. Learn the following exercises:

The Turkish Getup

Kettlebell Snatch

Practice slowly and learn to do the movement without heavy weights. Don’t be a hero and train safe.  If you’re not comfortable with Kettlebells yet, please do the shoulder workout from Week 8.


You must follow these rules.

Download the printer friendly version of exercises here.