From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days: Week 12 Day 78 – 84

Welcome to Week 12 of the S2S100 program, be sure to catch up on what you missed by visiting the overview page.

Daily Workout  Schedule for Week 12 Day 78 – 84

  • 6 workout days
  • same full body workout 3x week
  • run outside longer distances

You’ll notice the workout format is different this week.

You do the all exercises back to back without taking a break unless it’s specified otherwise. Take a two minute rest after each set. Then you repeat again for the remaining sets. Be sure to set up your circuit stations in advance, so that you don’t waste time.

Daily training snapshot:

  • Monday: Full body workout.
  • Tuesday: 5km light run.
  • Wednesday: Full body workout.
  • Thursday: 5km light run.
  • Friday: Full body workout.
  • Saturday: 10-12km run
  • Sunday: Rest

Get the printer friendly version at the bottom of the article. As you can see the file is a spreadsheet. You can erase my rep values to use it as a template to record your progress through each set.


You must follow these rules.

Download the printer friendly version of exercises here.