From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days: Week 10 Day 64 – 70

Welcome to Week 10 of the S2S100 program, be sure to catch up on what you missed by visiting the overview page.

Diving right into the training; it is basically the same as Week 9 except I’m adding more cardio sessions. There are 5 short weeks left until the end of the program, so we need to work and ramp up the cardio.

Daily Workout  Schedule for Week 10 Day 64 – 70

  • 6 workout days
  • same muscle group will be trained at least 2x a week
  • Tabata/HIIT training follows strength training
  • run outside longer distances

Daily training snapshot:

  • Monday: Primary muscle groups: chest/triceps, secondary muscle groups: back and biceps. Tabata for conditioning. 2km run
  • Tuesday: Hill Sprints and Kettlebell Training.
  • Wednesday: Tabata focused on core only.
  • Thursday: Primary muscle groups: back and biceps, secondary muscle groups: chest. Tabata. Short run. 8km bike/indoor cycle
  • Friday: All Kettlebells.
  • Saturday: 8km run
  • Sunday: Rest

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