From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days: Final Week

This is the final week of Sloth to Spartan Training. Week 14.5 – Days 92 – 100. This week is intended to give you confidence to compete and complete Spartan Races, Warrior Dashes, Tough Mudders and other obstacle courses you choose to run.

As you can see this week is not your standard 7-day week. I threw in extra few days to reach full 100 days of training.
There’s no formal regimented structure to this week’s training. I hope to empower you with everything you’ve learned in past 3 months. I will provide you with some guidelines on how you can set up your own training for this final week, but I’ll leave it up to you to build it out.

Final Week Training Guidelines:

  • Workout every other day.
  • Plan a 8-10 km run – here’s a catch – make sure your route hits at least 4-5 playgrounds. If you can’t find enough playgrounds on your route plan to run a loop. I want you to hit a playground every 2 – 2.5 km.
  • Get 2 different bodyweight exercises in. Make sure that you vary them as much as possible. During a race you don’t know what you’ll have to do until you reach an actual obstacle.
  • You can do the same course throughout the final week. Try to beat your time every time you run it.

For inspiration, here’s my course:

500m run
Playground workout:

  • Monkey bars (go forward and back wards) x 1
  • Pushups x 25

500m run
Playground workout:

  • Chinups x 12
  • T-Pushups x 16

~2km run
Playground workout:

  • Mountain Climbers x 60
  • Leg Raises x 20

2km run
Playground workout:

  • Burpees x 20
  • Crunches x 20

~1km run
Playground workout:

  • Let me ups x 20
  • Crab crawl around the perimeter of the playground

~1km run
Playground workout:

  • Dive Bombers x 15
  • Bench Jumps (just like box jumps) x 15

3km run

  • The run ended back my starting point. At which point I would just do 20 KB snatches per arm.

This is it. Nothing complicated. Just take advantage of your environment. Create a challenging route and try to beat it every time you do the run.

If you’re looking for the full program breakdown week-by-week visit my Obstacle Course Training Guide.
If you followed my guide or implemented part of it, I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below.