Flat Tummy – A Swiss Ball Workout

Who doesn’t want a nice flat tummy?  Of course you do.

It’s not going to be the one workout that will help you get there. you’ll need a proper workout regiment, sound nutrition and dedication. If any of those three things fall apart you can say good-bye to your flat tummy.

Incorporate the following swiss ball workout into your routine.

Workout Instructions

This is a circuit. So, not stopping for a break until you’ve completed all exercises. Take a 1 minute break then do it again for another 2 sets.

Flat Tummy Workout

  • Getups 15x
  • Mountain Climbers 50x
  • Ball – Crunches 20x
  • Ball – Russian Twists 20x
  • Ball – Pushups 10x
  • Ball – Hip Bridge 12x
  • Ball – Handoffs 12x
  • Bird Dogs 16x
  • Leg Raises 12x
  • Burpees 12x

If you have your own swiss ball workout share your routine in the comments.