Chest Building and Tricep Chiselling Workout

With the last workout we got back into a swing of things. This week, let’s break it down and focus on specific muscle group training to maximize strength building and recovery time.

You guessed it, it’s a split program. Starting with chest and triceps.  I also made the workout a little bit more intense. The breaks after each set are replaced with 1 minute of jump rope. You get to rest when you complete all your sets within a superset. This workout structure will make sure your heart rate is up and you’re maximizing calorie burning.

 Workout Instructions

Perform each set as outlined below, but instead of a 1 minute break, do jump rope for a minute. So, it looks like this: you’ll do a set of incline dumbbell presses, immediately followed by seated back rows and finish off by 1 minute of jump rope. Repeat. Take a 2 minute break when that whole set is complete.

Chest and Triceps Workout

  • A1: Incline Dumbbell Press 30x, 24x, 16x, 12x, 10-12x, 10-12x
  • A2: Seated Row 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x, 14-16x
  • A3: Jump Rope 1 minute
  • B1: Chest Fly 12-16x, 12-16x, 12-16x
  • B2: Crunches 20x, 20x, 20x
  • B3: Jump Rope 1 minute
  • C1: Chest Pullover 15x, 15x, 15x
  • C2: Pushups 20x, 20x, 20x
  • C3: Jump Rope 1 minute
  • D1: Dips 8-10x, 8-10x, 8-10x
  • D2: Lying Leg Raises 15x, 15x, 15x,

Cardio: Your choice, but make it interval training and don’t do for more than 20 minutes.