More Bodyweight Basics

Just because you don’t have any gear it doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Using only your bodyweight you’re still able to get a workout in, engage all your muscles and build up your cardio.

Workout Instructions

Perform each exercise back to back. Don’t rest until all exercises are done. Repeat the circuit for another 3-4 rounds.

Bodyweight Workout

  • Run in Spot 60s
  • Bear Crawls 30s
  • Burpees 10x
  • Lying Leg Raises 10x
  • Pushup Ups 20x
  • Sit Ups 20x
  • Prisoner Squats 20x
  • Single Leg Hip Bridge 12x
  • Superman 12x
  • Tricep Dips 12x
  • Step Ups 30s

Looks easy, doesn’t it? Try doing it for 5 rounds. Take a 60s break each time you complete the circuit.