The Absolute Beginner’s Workout

If you never attempted to lift a dumbbell, do a lap, or you spent your days lounging around and now decided to do something about your fitness, this workout is for you to get you started.  It’s not glamorous or complicated. It’s easy and simple. But it’s designed to activate all important muscles and get you moving.

And when I say it’s complete beginner’s workout, it is really for beginner’s. If it’s too easy for you or you’re about to close the page and move onto something else, think about someone else you know that could benefit from a quick exercise session.

The workout can be done at home, at work, at the park or the subway. Be careful about the subway, don’t get hurt. Be safe.

The Absolute Beginner’s Workout

  1. Pushups Off the Wall 8x

  2. Lying Single Leg Raises 8x

  3. Air Squats 8x

Do each exercise at least 8 times, back-to-back. Take 1 minute break. Repeat each set another 2-3 times.

That’s it.  It’s an easy workout that can be done any where.

Do it for a week and you’ll start feeling stronger. Come back to DailyWO and try another workout.