4-Day Split Training: The Shoulder Workout

A good way to round-off a 4 day split training program would be with a Shoulder and Abs workout.

Workout Instructions

Start the workout with a warm-up. Perform the strength training portion as exactly as outlined below. Finish with cardio intervals.

4-Day Split Training: Shoulder Workout


Skip Rope 5 mins

Strength Training

  • A1: Seated Shoulder Press 15x, 15x, 12x, 12x
  • A2: Crunches (on the swiss ball)  20x, 20x, 20x, 20x

Rest 60s between each superset.

  • B1: Lateral Dumbbell Raise 12x, 12x, 12x
  • B2: Reverse Crunch 15x, 15x, 15x

Rest 60s between each set.

  • C1: Upright Rows 12-15x, 12-15x, 12-15x
  • C2: Dumbbell Shrugs 12-15x, 12-15x, 12-15x

Rest 60s between each superset.

  • D1: Halos 10x, 10x, 10x
  • D2: Russian Twists 20x, 20x, 20x

Rest 60s between each superset.


  • Interval Run or Bike 20 mins