16 Minute Tabata Workout for Almost Advanced User

In the past I posted a couple of beginner Tabata workouts that involved very familiar exercises and required no equipment. The workout below is a bit more advanced as it requires some gear for weight resistance. You’ll need to get some dumbbells or a kettlebell, and a swissball if you want to follow along.  Scroll down for exercise instructions and a printer friendly version.

tabata workout

If you’re not familiar with most of these exercises here are helpful links and instructions on how to do them:

  • Dumbbell Thrusters
  • Hip Bridge (Swissball version)
  • T-Pushups
  • Ovearhead Arm/Shoulder Big Rotations: Starts with hands at your side. Pick up a dumbbell at opposite ends, or a kettlebell. The weight should be right in front of your pelvis. Make a big circle, bringing the weight over your head and ending at your starting position. Rotate the other way around. You’re basically making big circles using both arms while holding the weight.
  • V-Situps
  • Russian Twists
  • Tricep dips can be done anywhere. But make sure the surface is stable. Use a gym bench if you have one. A chair or even an ottoman will do as well.
  • For bicep curls, I’ll leave it up to you. Use some kind of resistance. I prefer you do it with dumbbells, but if those aren’t available do them with resistance bands or a kettlebell.

As always, you can download a printer friendly version of this 16 Minute Tabata workout here.