Another Way to Burn Extra Calories During Breaks Between Exercise Sets

We all look for ways to burn extra calories without putting in too much effort or feeling the pain of a grueling workout. Here’s an idea on how you can burn extra calories during your workouts: re-rack weights. That’s it.  While taking a 1 minute break between your exercise sets why don’t you re-rack weights that other … Read more

3 Reasons Not to Use an iPod Armband During a Workout

If you listen to music or other type of audio while working out then you’re probably very familiar with the armbands.  It’s a little mp3 player or an ipod holder that straps around your upper arm.  Well, get rid of it today if you use one.  Manufacturers that created it, obviously did not take into the consideration … Read more

Top Fitness Gurus on YouTube You Should Subscribe to. [updated March 24, 2015]

UPDATE: I’ve updated this list that includes 50 amazing Youtube Fitness Channels <- check it out, let me know who else should be on the list. If you’re bored of your current routine, or not producing results, or simply need an injection of motivation here’s an awesome list of fitness gurus on YouTube you should subscribe to. … Read more

5 Things to Consider When Designing a Workout Program

Before you even hit the weights or get on that treadmill you need to have a plan.  You need to plan what you are going to do, how, when and why.  If you do not have access to a fitness professional here are five things you should consider before designing a workout program on your … Read more