How I Dropped 8lbs in 1 Month and Kept It Off to Tell About It

Have you heard of the old saying ‘The shoemaker’s children go barefoot’? Meaning that the cobbler spends all his time and talents on his customers rather than on making and repairing shoes for his own children.  And that describes me.  I dedicate a lot of time and energy to my clients, ensuring they are meeting … Read more

3 Bulletproof Ways To Measure Your Fitness Progress

If you have a weight scale. Throw it out. Or better yet, smash it with a sledge hammer.  If you’re thinking of buying a body fat analyzer or calliper. Save your money and get a kettlebell. If you got a seamster’s measuring tape. Use it on your garments, not your body. We’re obsessed. We’re obssessed … Read more

Can Nuts Be Helpful & Healthy?

Could nuts be one of the secret ingredients to weight loss? Nuts are dense little packages of fat and protein, with most of the fat being the healthful, unsaturated kind. Apart from weight issues, nuts seem to have some protective effects against heart disease. They don’t contribute much in the way of vitamins but make … Read more

If I’m Not Losing Weight, Am I Still Making Progress?

Just the other day someone asked me, If I’m not losing weight, am I still making progress? Short answer is, of course you are! That’s only if you made enough changes in your diet and exercise regiment to facilitated that progress. But this is a loaded question, and it also got me thinking about how … Read more