7 Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure, Bad Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels

There are many ways one can reduce high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels. First of all, any consistent exercise regiment (especially, full body exercises or cardiovascular exercise) will improve the body’s insulin response. This aids in controlling blood sugar levels. Through dietary means, one can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood pressure … Read more

10 Ways to Rock Your Grocery Shopping and Not Get Caught Buying Junk

One thing that can help you stick to a nutritional plan is eating only what’s in your cupboards and the fridge.  When we don’t have junk near buy, we don’t eat it simply because energy, cost and motivation required to obtain that food outweighs the benefit.  Thus, we opt-in to consume what is more readily available and accessible. … Read more

How to Make Your Cardio Sessions More Enjoyable

I noticed a recurring theme with some of my past and current clients: most people hate doing cardio. It’s not just me, but other trainers have mentioned the same thing.  Motivating clients to do cardio is probably one of the most challenging things, next to enforcing proper nutritional regiment. But there are a few things … Read more

Focus on Inches not Weight

We have internalized the common belief that weight is the only measure of our fitness and weight-loss success.  Typically, before starting a workout program or a diet we take initial weight measurements and then we keep on going back to the scale to regularly monitor our progress.  Some times the weight drops, sometimes nothing changes … Read more

6 Awesome Reasons to Workout in the Morning

People are often surprised to find out I have the energy to hit the gym very early in the morning.  Depending on my schedule, some days I’m there at 6am other days around 9am.  9am doesn’t sound as impressive and shocking as 6am because in order for me to be at the gym for 6, I need … Read more