Flat Tummy – A Swiss Ball Workout

Who doesn’t want a nice flat tummy? ¬†Of course you do. It’s not going to be the one workout that will help you get there. you’ll need a proper workout regiment, sound nutrition and dedication. If any of those three things fall apart you can say good-bye to your flat tummy. Incorporate the following swiss … Read more

Kettlebell Home Workout – Upper Body Focus

Only you get out, what you put in This is a fairly advance workout so not only does your hard work matter, but you also have to take the time to know the proper movement. If you’re already familiar with the exercises, proceed to the the workout, if you’re not, take the time to learn … Read more

Swiss Ball Workout for Beginners

Got a swiss ball? You’ve done workouts before and now you’re ready to incorporate the swiss ball into your training? Got a set of dumbbell, or even soup cans?¬†Perfect. This is a great starting point. Since you didn’t workout with a swiss ball before, the exercises will be kept basics, but the format advanced. This … Read more

Learn to Love a Swiss Ball – Core Focus

This full body workout is all about a Swiss Ball. If you disliked it, then this routine will help you love it. This routine has a great emphasis on working your core. Besides the ab exercises, performing other movements on the exercise ball will help keep your core muscles engaged the whole time. Workout Instructions … Read more