2015 Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs

Are you a fitness fanatic or maybe you know one and want to surprise them for the holidays with an amazing Christmas gift? With so many fitness tools out there, it’s hard to choose the right gift for that special fitness buff in your life. And this is why, keeping with tradition, we have created an annual … Read more

How I Increased my strength by 20% with VBT

incline bench press progress

20% strength increase? That’s all you got? Yes, it may not sound like a big deal. But it’s easy to achieve massive strength gains for absolute beginners or if your whole lifestyle revolves around the gym.  Why 20% strength is a big a deal for me is because it’s a huge increase from my personal … Read more

PUSH Fitness Tracker: First Impressions

PUSH fitness tracker package

PUSH fitness tracker is unlike any fitness tracker out there. It doesn’t count your steps, your activity or calories. Instead it keeps track of your movements during strength training exercises and provides instant feedback. By tracking power and velocity it essentially measures how hard you work at the gym. How is PUSH Fitness Tracker Different from other … Read more