3 Big Fitness Trends Explained: HIIT, Tabata and CrossFit

Unless you’ve been living under the rock for the past couple of years then you have probably heard of HIIT, Tabita and CrossFit. Although each training methodology hasn’t hit the mainstream fully, but the components of each are evident in bootcamps that everyone runs these days and in workout videos such as P90X. So, what … Read more

Burn More Calories With a Heart Rate Monitor

In the past couple of weeks I conducted a mini experiment. I wanted to see if wearing a heart rate (HR) monitor burns more calories. The HR monitor won’t burn calories on your behalf, but rather help you stay within your target heart rate (easier than doing it manually). I wanted to compare this to … Read more

Mass Building Program Week 3 Update

This update is a little late this week, but I do have to let you know that I need to halt the trial of the mass building program. For one reason and only ONE reason, I am stopping it because my performance is suffering on the football field. I play in a Touch Football League … Read more

Mass Building Program Week 2 Update

It has been two weeks since I decided to try out Tim Ferriss‘ insane mass building program. As I experiment with the routine and workouts, I am also challenged with making sure that my daily life accomodates 4-hour body philosophy. I thought that it would be fairly easy since you only workout two times per … Read more

Trial Run of a Mass Building Workout

Recently, I’ve been listening to the 4-Hour Workweek audiobook by Tim Ferriss.  As interesting as the book is and as impressive Ferriss’ accomplishments are I can’t help but feel skeptical about some of his extreme body transformations.  As a personal trainer I am quick to jump to a conclusion and say that it’s is impossible … Read more