Another Way to Burn Extra Calories During Breaks Between Exercise Sets

We all look for ways to burn extra calories without putting in too much effort or feeling the pain of a grueling workout. Here’s an idea on how you can burn extra calories during your workouts: re-rack weights. That’s it.  While taking a 1 minute break between your exercise sets why don’t you re-rack weights that other … Read more

Keeping My Personal Training Skills and Fitness Knowledge up-to-date at Can-Fit-Pro Expo 2010

Every year near the end of the summer fitness professionals, enthusiasts and consumers convene at Can-Fit-Pro Conference and Trade Show, Canada’s largest fitness conference. I attended this year to expand on my personal training skills, fitness knowledge and seek out new fitness gear. I’ve spend about 90% of my time attending various sessions covering everything from … Read more

6 Awesome Reasons to Workout in the Morning

People are often surprised to find out I have the energy to hit the gym very early in the morning.  Depending on my schedule, some days I’m there at 6am other days around 9am.  9am doesn’t sound as impressive and shocking as 6am because in order for me to be at the gym for 6, I need … Read more