From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days: Week 1 Day 1 – 7

If you just stumbled across this article from the interwebs, be sure to check out my intro article to a new training program I’m setting up: From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days. Essentially, this is a Spartan Race training guide. More specifically, this is how I’m going to train for my Spartan Beast race … Read more

From Sloth to Spartan in 100 Days: Intro to Obstacle Course Training

Build strength, develop mental toughness and dominate like a champion. This is an intro to a guide that will help you train for an obstacle course.  The big 3 events are Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder. These courses come in a variety of lengths, obstacles and intensities.  This guide is intended to help you … Read more