Maintenance is for the Dead

Do you have a pulse? Are you breathing? Your heart beating? Then you’re not dead. You’re alive.  Then why do most, if not all, weight-loss programs preach maintenance after you reach your fitness goals? That’s just ridiculous.  The only thing needs maintenance is the grass in the graveyard. While you’re alive, and every time you … Read more

8 Ways To Impress Your Personal Trainer

One of the biggest challenges facing the personal trainers is ensuring the clients continue healthy lifestyle habits once they’re out of the gym.  During personal training sessions, clients come with a lot of motivation, drive, and many questions on what else they could be doing outside of the gym to help them reach their fitness … Read more

ABC of Reaching Your Goals

Always Be Challenging yourself.  How do you expect to get better at something, or get stronger, get faster, leaner or even make more money if you don’t challenge yourself?  Take yourself back to the days when you were starting to learn how to read, how to count and ride a bike.  You started with letters … Read more