3 Big Fitness Trends Explained: HIIT, Tabata and CrossFit

Unless you’ve been living under the rock for the past couple of years then you have probably heard of HIIT, Tabita and CrossFit. Although each training methodology hasn’t hit the mainstream fully, but the components of each are evident in bootcamps that everyone runs these days and in workout videos such as P90X. So, what … Read more

What Works: 100 Hundred Pushups Program

100 Hundred Pushups Program. This post is not a review of the program, but rather to tell you that it works. I used to work at an awesome little company here in Toronto called FreshBooks.  The very social and fun culture of the company allowed me to introduce the program to everyone. So, 3 times a … Read more

Top Fitness Gurus on YouTube You Should Subscribe to. [updated March 24, 2015]

UPDATE: I’ve updated this list that includes 50 amazing Youtube Fitness Channels <- check it out, let me know who else should be on the list. If you’re bored of your current routine, or not producing results, or simply need an injection of motivation here’s an awesome list of fitness gurus on YouTube you should subscribe to. … Read more

Track Your Workout Progress

Do it.  Simple as that.  Everyone should track their workouts.  How else are you going to know whether you’re improving or not?  I use fat little notebooks to record the following: For Strength Training date exercises performed set performed reps performed weight lifted For Cardio exercise performed distance traveled beginning speed and average intensity level calories burned … Read more

Prime Your Muscles Before Starting a New Workout Program

Ever jump into a new workout program and then feel extreme muscle soreness for the next few days?  Most workout programs do not prime you (get you ready) for all the physical activity you’re about to endure.  With my clients I like introducing a priming workout for the first 3 or 4 weeks that stimulates … Read more