Upper Body Workout for a Bigger Chest and Back

Want bigger chest and back? There’s a workout for that. This workout focuses all on major muscles groups of the upper body and can be used as a part of your two-day split program. Workout Instructions Start with a warm-up. Performs number of reps suggested in each set for each exercises. Go heavy on the … Read more

30 Minute Full Body Blast

There are many workout formats that utilize a variety of techniques to engage all muscles groups while helping improve your cardio. Today’s workout will help to accomplish just that.  This workout is also ideal for those short on time. If executed properly, it should take you no more than 34 minutes (4 minutes are designate … Read more

How to Make Your Cardio Sessions More Enjoyable

I noticed a recurring theme with some of my past and current clients: most people hate doing cardio. It’s not just me, but other trainers have mentioned the same thing.  Motivating clients to do cardio is probably one of the most challenging things, next to enforcing proper nutritional regiment. But there are a few things … Read more

Burn More Calories With a Heart Rate Monitor

In the past couple of weeks I conducted a mini experiment. I wanted to see if wearing a heart rate (HR) monitor burns more calories. The HR monitor won’t burn calories on your behalf, but rather help you stay within your target heart rate (easier than doing it manually). I wanted to compare this to … Read more

Mass Building Program Week 3 Update

This update is a little late this week, but I do have to let you know that I need to halt the trial of the mass building program. For one reason and only ONE reason, I am stopping it because my performance is suffering on the football field. I play in a Touch Football League … Read more