Bodyweight Basics Workout

No weights? No Gym? Absolutely nothing around? No Problem. You can still get a workout in using only your body weight. Workout Instructions Perform each exercise back to back. Don’t rest until all exercises are done. Repeat the circuit for another 3-4 rounds. Bodyweight Basics Workout Jumping Jacks 20x Pushups 20x Crunches 15x Hip Bridge … Read more

Full Body Strength Training Workout for Beginners

Let’s wipe the dust off the dumbbells and inflate the old swiss ball hiding underneath the couch. Let’s get back into shape you were meant to be. Although you may have worked out in your past, but our bodies tend to lose it’s gains if exercise is ignored for an extended period of time. This … Read more

The Basics: The Beginner’s Home Workout

Thinking about getting into shape? Starting from scratch? No access to the gym? Get your body moving, blood pumping and heart rate going with this basic exercise routine. The Basics Home Workout Jumping Jacks 10-15x Lunges 10-15x Pushups 8-12x Crunches 8-12x Air Squats 8-12x Bent-Over Single Arm Row 8-12x/side Lying Leg Raise (Single Leg) 8-12x/leg … Read more

The Absolute Beginner’s Workout

If you never attempted to lift a dumbbell, do a lap, or you spent your days lounging around and now decided to do something about your fitness, this workout is for you to get you started.  It’s not glamorous or complicated. It’s easy and simple. But it’s designed to activate all important muscles and get … Read more