4-Day Split – Upper Body Workout – Back Focus

Another workout straight out of my training log. If you’ve been following this week’s training program you know I’m a huge fan of split training. Here are some links for you to catch up on: Day 1: Upper Body Workout – Chest Focus Day 2: Legs and Core Day 3: Upper Body Workout – Back Focus Day … Read more

Upper Body Workout for 2-Day Split Training Program

2016Pick up any health and muscle magazine and I guarantee you’ll find a split training routine sandwiched between ads for overhyped supplements and tanning sprays. Serious bodybuilders use this training protocol to focus on and dedicate their training time to working a specific muscle group. But most importantly split training, gives you time to rest … Read more

Upper Body Workout for 2-Day Split Training Program

Split training has been around forever and can be designed to accommodate individual needs, goals and schedule.  2-day split training is the shortest split training. It only lasts… 2 days.   This split training focuses on the upper body. It’s ideal to use it 2x/week on Mondays and Thursdays, or whatever your schedule allows. But … Read more

Upper Body Workout for a Bigger Chest and Back

Want bigger chest and back? There’s a workout for that. This workout focuses all on major muscles groups of the upper body and can be used as a part of your two-day split program. Workout Instructions Start with a warm-up. Performs number of reps suggested in each set for each exercises. Go heavy on the … Read more