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Before starting any fitness program, make sure you’re ready and healthy.  You need to know what your body is capable of. If you need to get a clearance from a doctor, go get it. Use common sense and listen to your body.  We post daily workouts of all levels. Pick the one most appropriate for you. We (The team at DailyWO and our contributors) will not be responsible for any injury sustained while working out, whether at home, work, park or the moon. You are in control of your own body and you make your own decisions.

One of the top reasons why most people discontinue a fitness program is because of an injury. They did too much too fast. You need to ease in. Also, when using equipment, read the instructions and use it properly to ensure personal safety and safety of others around you.

With that being said:

This site is governed by the following rules. If you cannot follow and agree to these rules please leave the site immediately.

  1. All information contained within (the ‘website’) is for informational purposes only. Content of the website is not a substitute for a qualified medical advice and is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any medical conditions.
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Who Is The Site For

It’s for the rest of us who aren’t part of any elite gyms, teams or sports. It’s for us who like to work out on our own or a buddy, free of distractions and judgements. For us who like to mix up our training environment. For us who want variety and inspiration.

Whether you want to get in shape, maintain weight, build muscle or just be better at life… you’ll find a workout here.

What You’ll Need

Just space for you to move around in.  Most workouts can be done anywhere. If you have access to the gym, great. If not, don’t worry there are plenty of workouts that you could do at home with minimum amount of equipment. Even if you don’t have anything to work out with, you could use things around the house to improvise and compromise with. Your body doesn’t know the difference between the dumbbells or soup cans, nor does it care.

But if you wanted to invest in the basics, start with:

  • Swiss Ball
  • Medicine Ball
  • Pair of Kettlebells
  • Pair of Dumbells
  • Skip Rope
  • Resistance Bands
  • Interval Timer or a Timer App

How To Get Daily Workouts

Sign up here. Tell us about yourself a little bit so that we could create more custom workouts to help you reach your goals.

There will be about 4-6 weekly workout emails. You can’t workout everyday. Everyone needs to rest.

Exercise Instructions

For the most part, you should be familiar with basic exercises and techniques. Currently we do provide specific exercise instruction. However, there are incredible resources out there that will teach you each exercise movement. YouTube is one of them. Although it is a great resource, be careful who you learn exercises from. There’s a lot of misinformation. Even the top celebrity and TV trainers tend to completely butcher the basics.  To gauge the  quality of exercise instruction, check the comments section on video channels, number of views and ratio of likes vs dislikes.

For more in-depth exercises instructions consider these resources: