First Running Injury

This was bound to happen the way I was ramping up my training. Got my first running injury, the shin splints in my right leg.  I had big goals for July, but that’s all going to have to wait until I deal with the injury.

Last few runs were great, got some good mileage at a good pace. I felt the pain, but I pushed through.  I should have stopped. Took some time off to rest and recover.

first running injuiries on these runs

Went too far, too fast and too soon.  Should have gradually settled into my running form.

Now I have to deal with shin splints and it’s annoying.

You know what they say, hindsight is always 20/20 and there are a few things I should have done differently.

Number one, I should have slowed down and really focused on the form.

Two, should not have gone as fast during runs.

Three, should not have run as many miles in one run.

Four, should have rested between runs more and got more hours of sleep per night.

All of the above sounds boring.  I guess that’s the price of ignoring boring things.  Now I have to deal with shin splints.

And finally five, it’s time to get new running shoes.

strava running shoes

My New Balance RC 1400 v2 served me well.  Tracked 750km in them, but it’s actually closer to 800km as I didn’t track a couple of runs when I got the shoes.

So far I took a full week off.  I don’t feel the shin splints during regular walking but once I try to run, it just stops me in my track.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be troubleshooting and addressing the issue with corrective and strengthening exercises, and a foam roller.  This will give me some time to also address a nagging tennis elbow.