Building Up Mileage

There’s a 12km run that I like to do.  It usually takes me more than 5km/min to run the route.  It was the longest run so far with a new running form.  The results speak for themselves, not only did I break the 5min/km pace but was able to do it at a lower heart rate.

strava matched run - 12km run

The calves were on fire, right hip hurt and felt minor discomfort shins.  It was all muscle soreness.  Didn’t last long. I might have been too ambitious to boost my single run distance by 50%, 8km to 12km.

I think the next thing I have to work on is build up my overall mileage by doing more runs more frequently.  The reason I have so many days in between during runs is due to muscle soreness. But as my workload increases and muscles adapt, I expect my recovery to speed up.

May 2018 was probably my best month of running in my life. Got a lot of good runs in, and was able to manage 3 running days in the row, twice.

strava running log

The goal for July is to run at least 3 days in the row, every week.