Just Stop and Eat

eat sign

I cannot stress it enough how important it is to eat.  When we drive our cars and notice the fuel gauge is approaching ’empty’ we immediately look for the next gas station to refuel.  But how come we don’t do the same for our bodies?  Our bodies give us the sign(s) when to refuel:  fatigue, lack of focus, grumbling stomachs and so on, yet we continue to push our bodies without refueling.

We need to eat well and regularly, otherwise our progress towards the fitness goals and healthier lifestyles will be hampered. Sometimes I’ll go 4-5 hours without a meal because I get so busy with running from client to client or working on another project.  When I do this enough times throughout a week I notice significant changes in body weight, energy, sleep patterns and focus. To remedy this, I just have to remember to stop, drop whatever I’m doing and eat, and so should you.