Don’t Diet

Whenever I hear someone say, ‘I’m going on a diet’ I can’t help but think to myself  “Good luck with that.”  I think that because I know that the actual dieting doesn’t last long and results are short-lived afterwards. Diet implies a quick fix and extreme measures will be taken to achieve fast results.  Yes, it will work, in the beginning.  What about a week, month or a year later?  Are you still going to be doing the same diet just to keep the weight off? Do you think you’ll be enjoying life on a diet? I highly doubt it.

It has been well researched and documented that dieting doesn’t work for many reasons and there are health risks associated with going on extreme diets.  Participants typically gain the weight back as fast as they dropped it.  If you want to drop the weight and keep it off you need to make positive changes to your lifestyle and nutrition.  But don’t try to do it all at once.  Making one positive change a week will set you in the right direction towards a healthier body and lifestyle.