Recognition Leads to More Motivation

It’s always nice to be recognized for the work you love, especially when you least expect it.

I started this blog over two years ago to share my fitness and nutrition knowledge, and to support my personal training gig. The advice and knowledge I publish is for you, my clients, myself and anyone interested in leading healthier lifestyle.  All I want to do was create good content and provide practical fitness advice that inspires and motivates my audience to get fit.

In the beginning, my blog was quiet. But I knew I had to keep at it. It wasn’t until after 3-4 months whyen I started to receive fitness related questions via email, comments on my posts, newsletter sign ups and article shares. These events were reassuring that I was on a right track. So, I kept going.

This summer my blog caught the attention of a rep from Sport Chek.  We touched base and I learned that Sport Chek was launching a new campaign to inspire Canadians to reach their bests and provide them with tools and resources to help them get there.  These tools and resources were to be part of a package called ‘The Inspiration Kit.’

Surprising Inspiration Kit

To be honest, I didn’t expect much. I thought I was going to be sent some promotional items, such as stickers, lanyards and maybe a waterbottle.  Instead, I received a 25lb box full of goodies.

After I opened the box, it all made sense and why I received these items.  The Sport Chek rep listened, and listened well.  She knew exactly what I needed to allow me to reach my fitness goals. Not only did I receive the items I needed, but they also were the right size.  It’s pretty amazing the amount of information you can get from listening to someone carefully, reading their twitter and instagram feed and blogs. I shouldn’t be amazed, because I’m marketer myself and do this type of work everyday too, but nonetheless I am impressed with the accuracy… but I digress.

My Inspiration Kit

My inspiration kit came with:

It’s good to be recognized, in any form; email, certificate, pat on back or a simple tweet… it all leads to more motivation. Receiving this kit from Sport Chek is just an added bonus.

If you’re part of this campaign, what’s in your inspiration kit?