Maintenance is for the Dead

Do you have a pulse? Are you breathing? Your heart beating? Then you’re not dead. You’re alive.  Then why do most, if not all, weight-loss programs preach maintenance after you reach your fitness goals? That’s just ridiculous.  The only thing needs maintenance is the grass in the graveyard.

While you’re alive, and every time you reach a fitness goal, you should be setting a new goal. Lost weight? Great. Now let’s work towards running a race. Let’s work towards mastering a new physical challenge like being able to do 25 unassisted pull-ups.  How about learning new training protocols, how about building alien strength. The type of goals you set for yourself is only limited by your imagination and motivation.

Maintenance is equivalent to watching paint dry. It’s boring. Not challenging. No wonder most people have a hard time keeping weight off.  It’s not thrilling enough.  There’s no real goal to work towards. Maintenance is just not that rewarding.

Image courtesy of Flickr user minolta102