Focus on Inches not Weight

We have internalized the common belief that weight is the only measure of our fitness and weight-loss success.  Typically, before starting a workout program or a diet we take initial weight measurements and then we keep on going back to the scale to regularly monitor our progress.  Some times the weight drops, sometimes nothing changes and other times when you think you had the best week ever the weight increases.  As you can imagine and possibly relate to, it can be very discouraging.  Although weight is a standard and amazing measure of overall health and fitness success, but when undertaking a new fitness or diet program you should focus on inches and not weight.

Weight fluctuates more often

Weight can change on daily basis which can be discouraging, whereas changes in girth are longer lasting.  Even if you gain that pound or two back, chances are your clothes are still going to fit the same at the end of the week as they did in the beginning if you focus on inches.

Inches have more impact

Focusing on inches not only allows you to determine the effectiveness of your program but also provides better motivation.  As mentioned earlier, inches are a more stable form of  measurement of your success.  When you start exercising, fat is lost and muscle is gained.  Even if you had the best week ever in terms of nutritional intake and exercise your weight may not even change, but your inches will.  Would you rather have no change in your weight and lose an inch or lose 2lbs and no change in girth? In first few weeks of your program focus on losing inches.  Your clothing will fit better and you will get a lot of compliments.

*Image Courtesy of  Marco D