ABC of Reaching Your Goals

Always Be Challenging yourself.  How do you expect to get better at something, or get stronger, get faster, leaner or even make more money if you don’t challenge yourself?  Take yourself back to the days when you were starting to learn how to read, how to count and ride a bike.  You started with letters and their sounds, you started with single digits, you started with training wheels.  Then, even though you probably resisted and avoided to progress, little by little you were challenged by your own ambitions, parents and friends.

Before you knew it, you were able to put words and sentences together, you could add and subtract, and you could ride without the training wheels.  It didn’t happen over night; you chipped away at it.  Your were committed to get better.  But why doesn’t the same happen when you commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle, or at least a fitness program?

I don’t care what your fitness goals are, you will never achieve them if you don’t challenge yourself.  You always have to do better than the previous rep, set, workout.  You always have to make even better nutrition decisions.  You always have to push yourself to run just a second faster, a yard longer and lift just a pound more.  How do you expect things to change if all you do is the same?